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Weekly wibble of a wordsmithery nature

I've been neglecting my blog of late, due to real life getting in the way (sorry!) but it dawned on me this morning, as indeed, did the sun, that in recent weeks I've been indulging in a little weekly wibble of a wordsmithery nature, and this alone would provide me with some regular blog content until I find the inspiration to pen something a little more high-brow. My local radio station, BBC Radio Bristol, has been inviting readers to submit short poems for their Saturday morning show, with the presenter choosing a different theme each week. For the past three weeks, I have submitted a little verse, all of which have been read out. I'll share my first three efforts here and then aim to update the blog with every new verse I pen, assuming I maintain the habit.

The first theme I contributed to concerned the West Country musical legends, The Wurzels.

When The Wurzels stepped on stage they all looked jumpy.

They barged into each other and were 'bumpy'.

My wife asked: "Is it 'cos they're older?"

"Woman, don't be daft," I told her.

"They dance like that 'cos they've had too much scrumpy."

The following week's theme was 'lightbulbs'.

"Don't raid the fridge in the dark," my wife cried.

Your midnight munches must be denied."

But if it's not right

To eat late at night

Why does my fridge have a lightbulb inside?

And my most recent effort was to address the theme of 'finger food'.

If cannibals ate finger food

They'd have quite empty tums.

Not satisfied with eight small snacks

Or ten, including thumbs.

I thank you.

I fear that there will be more!

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