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Welcome to my website. I'm a wordsmith by profession (having had a career of some 35 years in journalism and PR) and a self-published author for fun, with titles in a variety of genres. On this website, you can find out all about me, about my books, (and where to buy them, hint, hint!) and how to contact me. Thanks for visiting! 

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Yo Ho Ho Ho front 2023.jpg

Yo Ho Ho Ho! on Kindle

10 March 2024: after what feels like an eternity, and lots of sometimes frustrated email exchanges with my publisher, my most recent book, Yo Ho Ho Ho! has finally appeared on Kindle!!!!

The paperback version has been listed on Amazon for quite a while now but for reasons that I'm still not completely clear about, the digital version was delayed. But I'm delighted (and relieved) to say it is now listed on Kindle as, indeed, are ALL my digital books (some of them had disappeared for a while). So do please indulge and, hopefully, enjoy!!!

Working wordsmith, pitiful punslinger, practising prestidigitator, hapless (hopeless?) hockeyologist, addicted alliterative author
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